Reece Sims

Spirited Brand Activator

Equipped with a Bachelor of Commerce (with Distinction) from the University of Victoria and over a decade of work experience in Marketing, PR and Event Planning, I have developed a unique sense of business acumen. From consulting small businesses to overseeing the Marketing + PR for a multi-million dollar international firm, I have adapted my skill-sets and service offerings to accommodate the needs of all types of companies regardless of size or sector.

Currently, my passion is working with Wine, Beer and Spirits companies to connect their brands to their target audiences. Whether it be through campaign strategy, social media promotion, cocktail creation, educational workshops, exhibitions or event activations, I can provide a fresh take for brands that require a 'refresh' to engage with the newer generations of consumers.  

In addition to this, I am the founder of Whiskey Muse, the guide to whisk(e)y education for Millennials (and in particular, women). 

As a graduate of Moonshine University's Executive Bourbon Stewardship Certification and the Irish Whiskey Academy's Irish Distilling Course, I have travelled the world in search for interesting imbibes and unique + different drams.

Whiskey Muse provides online and real-life education to its followers. The online content includes cocktail recipes, infographics, and whisk(e)y education, while the real-life content, known as the "Tastemakers Series" has provided interactive hands-on whisk(e)y tasting experiences with over a dozen brands to date. 



  • Content Creation

  • BRAND Activations


  • Educational Workshops

  • Interactive Brand Classes

  • Influencer Marketing

  • Cocktail + MENU Development




Want to sound like a whisk(e)y connosieur? Visit Whiskey Muse ASAP!