Reece Sims

Spirited Brand Activator



As the ideator behind the “Behind The Brand” television show, I host, direct and write the episodes which feature Entrepreneurs, CEOs and Influencers of Vancouver-based companies that have grown to become national or international in stature. In each episode we focus on key takeaways that made the company successful as well as some behind-the-scenes fun with the featured guest. The show airs on both Novus Television’s Community Channel (CH4) and is also a featured Web Series online.

Watch some of the episodes below!



Purdy's Chocolates is a chocolatier and confectionery manufacturer based out of Vancouver. They've grown from one store in 1970 to 64 locations across BC, Alberta and Ontario today. In this episode I talk to President and Head Chocolate Scientist Peter Higgins all about finding the "sweet spot" in your career as well as some of the new and exciting things that are happening at Purdy's. 


As the leader in custom online menswear, Indochino has grown from a Vancouver-based startup to international sensation in less than a decade. With over 100 staff, split between Vancouver, Canada and Shanghai, China, Indochino provides modern gentlemen with high quality modern gentlement with high quality menswear that fits their bodies perfectly. I sat down with Kyle Vucko, the co-founder and CEO to talk about shifting a Pain Point into a Profitable Business Venture.


Nicole Bridger Designs is a fashion line for the effortlessly chich and environmentally conscious woman. Each of their collections are tailored from the highest quality ethical materials and are designed to flatter the natural curves of a woman's individuality and femininity. Every piece is modern, refined and makes an impression. In this episode I sit down with Nicole to talk about Harnessing Constant and Consistent Creativity in your business.


As the founder and CEO of three franchise companies, Brian Scudamore has a reputation for making ordinary industries exceptional. Brian started his first business, 1-800-GOT-JUNK in Vancouver at the age of 18, and later went on to franchise that company as a way to expand operations. Today 1-800-GOT-JUNK? has more than 850 trucks on the road throughout 170 locations in the US, Canada, and Australia.


Chimp is a web-based tool that empowers people to manage and amplify charitable impact. And it’s built on a simple idea — to empower people’s personal giving choices and to simplify the process. Chimp reduces the friction involved in making informed donations and is the cheapest way to get money to any charity of your choice in Canada. I sat down with the founder, John Bromley, to talk about Cultivating a Culture of Giving in the workplace.



When businesses lose their way, or get stuck in one place, there is only one way out - The Hard Way. With the help of top business leaders, 12 businesses will be challenged to face their problems, and make the necessary changes to get on track. These business will have to face the hard truth. These businesses will have to face the hard truth, take on difficult challenges and make tough decisions. The business-reality show aired in Fall 2014 on Saturdays at 6:30pm on CHEK TV.

Listed as the Marketing Mentor for two episodes in the season. 

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